How to Prosper As a Millennial


A topic that is flooding news sites at the moment is how hard it is to be a member of the Millennials, or Generation Y. Putting the inflammatory comments about entitlement from the Boomers aside, the general victim mentality of the Y’s towards those who came before is bewildering.

As a member of the younger generation, here is my assessment of how to make it in the new world.


Tell Yourself Positive Stories


When I was a kid, I ruined Christmas for our neighbours’ kids.

You see, I had figured out or been told (I can’t remember which) that Santa wasn’t real, and I wanted to tell all of the other kids that they were believing fantasy. To my 6-year-old reason, I was doing everyone a favour by sharing the truth with them.


Be the CEO of your Career


My colleague was raging.

I honestly thought that he was going to pop a blood vessel and give himself a brain bleed or something. He was yelling and swearing and demanding that if someone has something to say, they should say it to his face.