Censorship is ****ing ******


I’m not sure what the definition of rock-bottom is for human progression, but banning speech and opinions must be close to the molten core.

We’ve already seen it historically with the Dark Ages, where those who dared to defy the church were called heretics and were then beheaded or burned at the stake.


Be the CEO of your Career


My colleague was raging.

I honestly thought that he was going to pop a blood vessel and give himself a brain bleed or something. He was yelling and swearing and demanding that if someone has something to say, they should say it to his face.


Motivation is Bullshit


I’ve had a bit of feedback on my first blog post in the past week. All of the views so far have come from me sending the link to friends and begging politely asking them to read it. Honestly, it’s been a draining week of pressing F5 on the stats page to see if the views will jump from 7 to 8. So my blog post on SEO could be quite a few years away.