Opium of the People (Part 1) – Introduction

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I grew up in a very Christian household. Not in the sense that we just ticked “Christian” on the census form or went to church at Christmas and Easter, and never really thought about religion for 99% of the year.

We were Pentecostals and went to church every Sunday morning (sometimes twice, for the evening service too), watched Benny Hinn pushing old and sick people over on TV and declaring them healed, and I even learned from a Christian curriculum. Oh yes, you could fail a science test if you couldn’t recite that nugget of wisdom from Leviticus.


4 Red Flags That Someone Isn’t Worth Debating


America’s mid-terms are just around the corner, and at a time where political and social upheavals are rampant, there are so many issues through which the battle lines are drawn. You just need to log into social media to see the topics that people are posting about on their Facebook timelines and earnestly tweeting about to see that times have moved on from the era of people Rick-rolling each other and posting cat memes.

Social media has become a vehicle for ideological wars, and through the smoke of the rhetorical artillery shells, there’s a disturbing and perhaps even surprising reality that is emerging.

The art of debate is dying.


7 Reasons I am Done With Politics


If you’ve been following TruthInjected for the past year or so, you will notice that I have regularly written about ideologies and social issues.

I’ll be honest, I really enjoyed it. Robust debate about why we are how we are, and what is right or wrong, has really made me think a lot about my own world view.

But politics is the worst, and I am sick of even talking about it.


Tell Yourself Positive Stories


When I was a kid, I ruined Christmas for our neighbours’ kids.

You see, I had figured out or been told (I can’t remember which) that Santa wasn’t real, and I wanted to tell all of the other kids that they were believing fantasy. To my 6-year-old reason, I was doing everyone a favour by sharing the truth with them.