When Life Gives You Lemons


Renting is awesome.

No, I actually mean it. Stove broken? Call the landlord. Roof leaking? Call the landlord. Annoying neighbors move in next door? Give your notice and leave.

No strings. No unexpected costs. No hassles.



Stupid Stuff: The New Blog Section Coming Soon!


I really get a kick out of being outrageous.

No, I don’t punch puppies or set orphanages on fire. I’m far worse. I share my unpopular opinions about things on the Internet.


8 Things I Learned From Last Week’s Quake


If you have an Internet connection and live on Earth, chances are you heard about New Zealand’s M7.8 earthquake last week. That’s right, little old NZ was in global headlines. But that’s not why I’m writing this post – I’ll leave nationalistic-inferiority-complex bragging to our mainstream media.

I live in Wellington. Not very close the epicentre down south, but I sure felt it. And I’d like to share some things I learned that I will be applying to my personal life.