4 Obvious Signs It Is Time to Quit Your Job


Quitting a job is a lot like vomiting.

You are innocently going about your business as usual when suddenly, you start to feel nauseous and the bile starts to build.

There is no outcome from this scenario that seems like a good one.



Why The Traditional Office Is Dead


It’s Friday evening here in New Zealand, and another work week has just reached the end of the line.

My commuting costs were nil, my conversations with coworkers and managers were limited to the comfortable arms-length of phone calls and email, and no one disrupted my work by demanding that I attend to their needs right now, like some sort of needy toddler.

To this slightly-reclusive introvert, it was bliss.


Be the CEO of your Career


My colleague was raging.

I honestly thought that he was going to pop a blood vessel and give himself a brain bleed or something. He was yelling and swearing and demanding that if someone has something to say, they should say it to his face.