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Sacrifice Doesn’t Matter Without Results


When I was working at my first job, I never got stuck in rush-hour traffic. I would leave home after the gridlock, and by 4 o’clock, I would be packing my bag early to beat the traffic home.

I maintained this schedule of 6-7 hours per day for years, and nobody questioned me about it for a long time. Firstly, I worked at a client site, so they never raised any eyebrows when I arrived long after everyone else – they just assumed that I had been working from home or at another building in the city.

Secondly, my outputs were immense. I’m not just bragging – my metrics were consistently at the top of the table for my team, so the notion that I was not warming a seat for a full 40 hour week was never on my boss’s radar.


Choose Your Friends Wisely


I was originally planning to write this as an article about how to meet new friends, but after a humorous moment of self-reflection and honesty, I’ve decided to keep my article writing to areas that I know about and am at least vaguely competent.

And so instead, I am going to focus on thinning your personal social herd – or at least, assessing it.


Opium of the People (Part 1) – Introduction

photo-1525104171570-308e54169ae1 (1).jpg

I grew up in a very Christian household. Not in the sense that we just ticked “Christian” on the census form or went to church at Christmas and Easter, and never really thought about religion for 99% of the year.

We were Pentecostals and went to church every Sunday morning (sometimes twice, for the evening service too), watched Benny Hinn pushing old and sick people over on TV and declaring them healed, and I even learned from a Christian curriculum. Oh yes, you could fail a science test if you couldn’t recite that nugget of wisdom from Leviticus.


The 4 Types of People You Will Meet as a Creator


I love having a feedback form here on TruthInjected. The sentiment in the messages that I receive are so varied, and it’s great to hear from the people who read what I write.

I have noticed some common themes in the messages that I have received, and my semi-autistic brain has sorted them into four distinct groups. If you are creating content, or are thinking about it, here are the main archetypes of people that you will meet.


Blog Update #3 – Tim, Are You Still Alive?


We hit a pretty major milestone here at TruthInjected this week.

We now have over 100 subscribers!

So before I get into what is happening with the site, I want to express a massive thank you to all who have subscribed. When a site is in its beginning stages like TruthInjected has been over the past few years, having a loyal base of readers and subscribers helps the site more than anything else, so once again, thank you!


4 Red Flags That Someone Isn’t Worth Debating


America’s mid-terms are just around the corner, and at a time where political and social upheavals are rampant, there are so many issues through which the battle lines are drawn. You just need to log into social media to see the topics that people are posting about on their Facebook timelines and earnestly tweeting about to see that times have moved on from the era of people Rick-rolling each other and posting cat memes.

Social media has become a vehicle for ideological wars, and through the smoke of the rhetorical artillery shells, there’s a disturbing and perhaps even surprising reality that is emerging.

The art of debate is dying.


Can The Law of Attraction Change Your Life?


The best thing about my first job after graduating was all of the cool things that my client gave away to staff and contractors.

From branded pens, mugs, and the usual office trinkets to old computer equipment and gadgets that my client no longer wanted – if I had a use for it, they’d let me have it.