Stupid Stuff: The New Blog Section Coming Soon!


I really get a kick out of being outrageous.

No, I don’t punch puppies or set orphanages on fire. I’m far worse. I share my unpopular opinions about things on the Internet.

Really off-the-wall, crazy ideas like how Trump isn’t actually Hitler, that feminism has metastasized into the most widely-accepted hate movement of the modern era, and how censorship of speech is bullshit.

Of course, I have written a few articles about that here for you wonderful people at TruthInjected, but sometimes I also like to evangelize to the poor lost souls who are meekly nursing from the cosy bosom of the mainstream media and haven’t yet been weaned to solid facts.

I spread the gospel of common sense though the comments sections on the mainstream media websites that we have here in New Zealand.

Yes, we do have our own news websites here – two in fact.

And these news websites follow the modus operandi of other major Western news outlets, meaning that they present the same homogeneous, dull, leftist spin on the same ideas.

So when they are kind enough to open their comments sections to us lowly peasants to offer our meek criticism, or as is more often the case with commentators on these websites, unquestioning support of the latest installment of delusion, I do take the opportunity.

That is, when my comments and opinions are deemed to be docile enough to grudgingly meet the approval standards of the dumpy, blue-haired liberal arts undergraduate, who decides what is acceptable to publish.

That’s sort of who I picture in my head when I hit the “submit” button anyway.

But as you might expect, my comments published to comments made ratio is quite low. In fact, if they shared commenters’ statistics, I might be in with a chance of a record.

And I know what you’re thinking – of course they can’t publish my expletive-ridden tirades on a mainstream news website. But I’m actually quite nice.

Even I understand that calling their author’s opinion “virtue-signalling horseshit” isn’t going to get me published (even if it’s true), so I water down my language, don’t use expletives, and ensure that I am deconstructing the idea from a perspective of maturity and honesty.

I even throw in a joke or two, which is easy since the subject of the article in question is usually absurd enough that the jokes write themselves.

But when the commenting guidelines denounce comments that “just generally aren’t very nice” (yes, that’s a direct copy-paste from one of these sites), while the editors wage a tabloid-esque war on the democratically-elected President of the United States, for example, it just stinks of hypocrisy.

And more pertinently, it ensures that any dissenting views can be silenced as being a bit too mean, even when they are perfectly mainstream opinions that are submitted with sources, studies and facts.

Now, I understand that they have the right to do this. These are privately-owned web companies and are therefore entitled to restrict comments however they like. Of course, as some social media platforms (who shall remain nameless) have found, clamping down on freedom of expression is still judged harshly in the court of public opinion, and can find that their share prices plummet when they censor people who hold certain political views.

That’s why capitalism is such a great mechanism of fairness. People vote with their feet and companies that oppose free expression are often left in positions where nobody wants to buy them out, but I digress.

While I respect their freedom to run their business however they choose, I am not going to be engaging in their charade of compliments-only feedback anymore. The wasted effort and meticulousness that I put into submitting content where it was promptly discarded by someone who has probably never had a critical thought in their life is exasperating.

Frankly, I’d rather share it with you, and that’s exactly what I am going to do.

In cases where I would have previously written a couple of paragraphs to address a few points, which would never see the light of day, I am instead going to write full counter-articles with facts and evidence and publish them here on TruthInjected.

The purpose of TruthInjected has always been to facilitate the pursuit of truth, and so this is quite a natural extension of the existing content.

However, this will not replace the more philosophical or personal-improvement-type articles that I post. They will just be added bonuses that I will put up as and when I write them.

I am not committing to how frequently they will be posted either, because I don’t have a great track record with my publishing consistency recently, but I am certainly expecting that these will be quite prevalent at the moment, given the current global cultural climate and media misrepresentation through fake news.

Oh, and as always, comments sections will be fully open. I seem to still have to hit “approve” on comments, but this is a formality. This feature is just to keep bots from linking you good people to nefarious things like malware and Jezebel.  I don’t censor any comments – even if you are calling my article virtue-signalling horseshit.

So let’s fill the syringe and start tripping on truth.

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