Blog Update #2 – Reflections and Projections


Well, that’s the end of 2016.

I have seen the articles and Facebook posts lamenting the past twelve months as a year best forgotten and the collective sighs of relief from the majority have been almost palpable, although of course this is a subjective perspective.

Personally, I think it has been a wonderful year.

This is firstly due to the people of Great Britain voting to regain independence of their laws and policies through the “shock” Brexit vote back in June.

What direct impact does that result have on me as a New Zealander?

Little to none.

But as I have spoken about before, the content of most situations is far less significant than the context, and the context of this result, as I observe it to be, is a great victory for those who don’t support rampant globalization and centralization of power. Also as Britain is my place of ancestry, it is heartening to see the British leading the world in the first of what I perceive as several democratic results that curb the current totalitarian trajectory of Western society.

Of course, the second result in the domino effect that I am referring to is the election of Donald Trump by the American people. Although I am not fully on board with all of his policies, this is again a case of context over content, which is why I explained in more detail in my earlier article that if I had a vote in the US election, it would have been for Donald Trump.

Not so much because I believe that building a wall is such a great idea, but he was the only candidate from the primaries who was not either funded by globalist interests or a career politician. Not to mention the existential threat that his election poses to insidious notions such as political correctness, safe spaces, micro-aggressions and trigger warnings.

It is time for that all to end, and I am hoping, just like everyone else who supported him, that he will have the stones to maintain his posture as an icebreaker to the modern authoritarian norms in 2017 and beyond.

And, of course, the icing on the cake is that his election gets right under the skin of all of the world’s worst people – most obviously, the mainstream media and the leftist fascists who set the bar of morality at an all time low in order to smear his campaign into oblivion at all costs.

As I alluded to, I see these two events as key indicators of a cultural shift that has begun to take place in 2016, and I am excited to see how culture continues to evolve in the coming years.

And last but not least, 2016 of course was the year that this blog,, was launched.

Thank you all for your readership. You have given yourself lifetime VIP tickets to the exclusive club of people who discovered TruthInjected in the year that it went live.

The past eight months have been a hell of a lot of fun for me, not to mention a far more elaborate and resourceful education in writing and marketing than I could have ever received from a university course in either subject. I’ve really enjoyed creating this brand, and now that the dust is settling and TruthInjected is beginning to establish itself, I have been looking at ways to expand the blog this year, as well as ways to engage better with the wider TI community.

I presented one of these in my last blog update as a new “Talk to Tim” segment, but unfortunately, I haven’t received any messages around things to write about, respond to, or to write discussion articles about which the author is willing for me to publish. I will still keep this section on ice, as I am sure the questions will begin to flow in as the community grows larger.

So please, if you do have a topic that you would like me to write about, if you would like to debate any of the topics that I have written on already, or if you would like to pose a question to me on any topic that you would like me to respond to publicly, please head over to the contact page.

The scope of this blog has been very broad up until this point, discussing politics, philosophy, social issues and even earthquake response techniques. To answer a question that I have received a few times around why isn’t a more specialized blog, I simply don’t want there to be any limits on what is written about here, and I fully intend to keep the blog free from being shackled to a single topic.

Having said that, if there are certain topics that you have enjoyed reading about, I would encourage you to head over to the feedback page and let me know your thoughts about what you have and have not enjoyed reading about, and I will take that on board when writing future content.

Lastly, I have been asked again about who Tim really is.

All I can say is that there may be an “unmasking of Tim” event later in the year, although I am deliberately going to keep that idea non-committal at this stage, as my reason for keeping my anonymity is that those who oppose the more political opinions that I write about (as evidenced by other writers who do not conform to mainstream opinions and ideologies) don’t tend to rebut facts and logic with facts and logic.

The preferred tactic is to get writers with the “wrong” opinions ejected from polite society and fired from their jobs, which to me is just another indication that the topics covered in this blog are the correct ones at this point in time, as there is clearly a lot of cultural ground to be covered.

But with the momentum that we have gained in the past few months, going full-time on the blog and removing the Tim mask may be nearer than I expected.

“Let’s see” is probably the most concise answer that I can give at this stage.

This community is far bigger than myself, and I encourage you to offer your feedback and suggestions so that we can shape the future of TI together.

To a prosperous new year.

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