5 Feminist Arguments Debunked


Male Zealand. That’s right, apparently the country that was the first to give women the vote, is an extremely misogynistic country. Not only that, we have “social norms [that are] geared to the detriment of women’s lives.”

I was shocked. Are we talking about the same country? The New Zealand that I know is about 1 season of The Bachelor away from drowning in estrogen. So I clicked the bait.

But it’s OK – crisis averted. The fabric of society isn’t coming undone. It was just a mainstream media outlet in New Zealand spreading feminist horseshit as usual. With no cited research.

In other words, the journalistic norm of narrative over fact.

I admit, I have held back from unleashing a barrage of logic that would see modern, intersectional feminism writhing in its misandry and male tears hashtags. Knowing that internet feminism breeds some of the most hysterical, aggressive, bitter, vengeful, and bullying specimens seen by recent humankind, it seemed more convenient and safer to avoid the subject than to expose it for the hateful movement that it is.

“There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

But this blog is called TruthInjected, so let’s penetrate it with the syringe and inject a full load of truth to fight the infection. And no, my word choice does not constitute a micro-aggression. Get over yourself.

As Milo Yiannopoulos so eloquently put it, feminism is cancer.

I agree with him, although I would narrow the scope for the purpose of this article to 3rd-wave, misandrist, intersectional, campus-bred, safe-space-loving, trigger-warning-demanding, pronoun-obsessed, statistic-dismissing, blue-haired, Tumblr-dwelling feminism.

I hope you understand the distinction.

Proper feminism was what we saw in the first wave particularly, as well as in some aspects of the second wave. These were women who stood up to not being allowed to vote, drive, have careers, etc. Thanks to these “OG Feminists”, if you will, women are now permitted by law to do anything a man can do in most Western countries.

Good shit, power to them. If that’s feminism, I guess I’m a feminist. Since I am out of the closet as being partial to libertarian ideology, it should come as no surprise that I fully support all demographics, women included, in having the same access to opportunities as everyone else.

However, the new generation of feminist ideology shares no resemblance to actual feminism. It is not a movement to empower women, it is more of a hatred of men. Suggesting that they are the same is a bit like saying all members of a family have the same opinions, just because they share a name. It’s simply not true.

So, without further ado, here are 5 common feminist arguments that I have encountered in my adventures online:

1. We need to close the gender wage gap!

There is no gender wage gap. Milo explains it far more fabulously than I ever could, but the basic premise is this:

If you take all of the money that men earn and all of the money that women earn and average both piles of money using primary-school arithmetic, you will end up with a difference of… it depends what study you read. But most put it in the region of 80c on the dollar.

The factors that this sort of simplistic equation deliberately miss are things like the number of hours worked, part-time and full-time work, the different choices that men and women make, the occupational risks of the job, the stability of the job, the fact that women tend to take more time out of work to look after children, etc.

If you factor these in, the supposed pay gap narrows to virtually zero.

Men are not paid more money than women are paid to do the same job. That is illegal in most Western countries, and if that was the case, surely companies would not hire men if women are such cheap labour.

So yes, there is an earnings gap. But there is not a wage gap.

And I don’t see a solution to the situation of men earning more money than women overall, unless women were to become more like men with regards to the types of jobs that they take, the hours that they work, and the other sacrifices that they could make in order to earn more.

But it would be completely unreasonable to expect private enterprises to pay a part-time worker the same as a full-time worker, which is just about where this argument has gotten to.

2. A men’s-only gym is sexist and exclusionary!

Only if a women’s-only gym is sexist and exclusionary. That’s called equality.

3. Men should be in favour of feminism because it helps men!

I expect that a female-supremacy, man-hating ideology, such as feminism, will help men about as much as a white-supremacy ideology would help people of colour.

4. If a woman is the punchline of a joke, any man who isn’t outraged is a misogynist!

No, living in a culture where men are portrayed as the dumb punchline in most advertising, television shows and movies is what is sexist, if anything.

When was the last time that you saw an unintelligent female character being portrayed, let alone her being out-witted by the smart, male protagonist? If a rule applies one way but not the other, that is where the sexism lies – not in the occasional pun about shoe-shopping or kitchens.

5. We need to smash the patriarchy!

The patriarchy is no more than the boogieman that feminism uses to justify its relentless attacks on men. It is as real as the “weapons of mass-destruction” that justified the invasion of Iraq.

But if there is a patriarchy, it is not doing a very good job of favouring men. If you want to see what real patriarchal oppression looks like, visit parts of Africa and the Middle East, and then perhaps you will see how a man laughing at a joke is not even close to patriarchal oppression.

And so it is my view that feminism, in the most original definition of the ideology, has achieved all of its objectives. It is time for it to be disbanded, lest the name of one of the most liberating movements of the 20th century be dragged through the dirt any longer.

All people deserve respect. All people deserve opportunities. I strongly believe in equality, and that is why I can’t get on board with modern feminism.

It is cancer.



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